Adobe Acrobat XI — the Ideal Companion to Microsoft Office

Any time you are selling Microsoft Office software is the perfect time to grow your sales by offering Adobe Acrobat XI software along with it. Office 2010 gave users the ability to create static PDFs from Office applications, but adding Acrobat XI extends the functionality of Office with true Adobe dynamic PDF.

Top Benefits of Adobe Acrobat XI for Microsoft Office users:
• Re-use valuable content by converting existing PDFs to fully functional Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, maintaining fonts, layout, and formatting
• Better and more easily secure PDF documents in Acrobat and Microsoft Office
• Edit PDF documents, including text and images, right in Acrobat — without having to return to the original application and regenerate the PDF
• Enable Adobe Reader users to comment on and save PDFs
• Incorporate audio, video and interactive content into PDFs
• Create Adobe PDF files with one-button ease from the Acrobat task ribbon in select Office 2010 applications

Handling Objections
Objection: “Microsoft offers PDF functionality in Office, so our organization doesn’t need Acrobat.”
What to Say: Acrobat XI helps users do more with Microsoft Office and work with PDF files more easily:
• Better PDF security — Acrobat offers robust document security for PDF files. Microsoft offers only open password security for PDF files created with Word and Publisher.
• More PDF capabilities — Acrobat XI enables users to combine PDF files, create and edit PDF Portfolios and collaborate via shared review capabilities.
• Wider PDF support — Acrobat integrates with virtually any desktop application your users rely on and provides tight integration with Microsoft Office for seamless PDF file creation.

For more information, visit to download the Acrobat XI Channel Kit today or contact Adobe Market Development Specialist Alex Dockstader at

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Visit the Trend Micro Cloud Security Blog to Read Up on APTs

Changing Seasons in Security bring APTs to Forefront
By Tom Kellermann

“Birds are beginning to leave their nests and fly south as winter slowly encroaches. The migration of our feathered friends ushers in the new season. As the seasons change so to have the targeted attacks in 2012. The surge of targeted attacks against remote users is exacerbating the Cybersecurity landscape. Remote access compromises are again the primary attack vector employed this year…”

Continue Reading 

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Brother Monthly Instant Rebates Exclusive to SMB Resellers

When you need reliable, high-speed, economical office solutions, look to Brother first. Brother offers monthly instant rebate promotions for our SMB customers. These instant rebates are on our top selling multi-function machines, printers, faxes, scanners and label machines. Please contact your Ingram rep for this month’s rebates and thank you very much for your continued support of Brother. Brother, expect more and get it!

Click here to register for the Brother Preferred Partner Program

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VMWare Partner Activation Campaign

Together, the world’s largest technology distributor, Ingram Micro, and the industry leader in Virtualization, VMware, have
teamed up to create the VMware Partner Activation Campaign. This joint initiative is aimed at building your VMware solution
portfolio in the SMB market with the help of a dedicated support team. The program entitles you to exclusive access to
specialized resources encompassing: training, sales, marketing, and technical support above and
beyond anything VMware has offered before. Register now to start taking advantage of the benefits.

More Info

Click Here to Register

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A Message from Cisco About Schools’ BYOD Challenges

Schools Face Unique BYOD Challenges But Are Finding Solutions

By Kerry Best


As a member of the Cisco Public Sector team, and being married to an educator, I have been engaged in a few (sometimes heated) debates on students, teachers and staff bringing their own devices to school. Many teachers have seen impressive results from utilizing students’ own devices in the education process, and with school budget cuts, most teachers do not have any other mobile option, so it’s safe to say that BYOD is taking a strong hold in education.

As a result, schools find themselves addressing unique issues of scalability, security, manageability and budget when it comes to developing and implementing BYOD policies. How will they accommodate in real time the explosion of new devices and applications that students and staff want to use on the network? How will they regulate who uses what device from which location in what manner? How will they support BYOD within a restricted budget?

I recently read an interesting post by Amy Blanchard on this topic. You should check out her recent post on the Cisco Mobility blog, she includes reference to an interesting case study — definitely worth the read!

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Ted Talk: Leah Buechley: How to “Sketch” With Electronics

Check out this Ted Talk from MIT electronics designer Leah Buechley. She and her team have come up with a brand new way to design electronics– by sketching them.

It’s an exciting concept that could open up a lot of opportunities in electronics design. Let us know what you think!

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Visit the Cisco Blog To Read About Cisco Application Visibility Control

Application Visibility and Control:  CleanAir at the Application Level

By Jeevan Patil, Cisco Senior Product Line Manager

“The Problem:

There are many challenges IT managers face on a daily basis. As the proliferation of user devices and the growth in business, personal and collaborative applications continue to grow, almost exponentially, these challenges only make the job of an IT manager harder. For instance, imagine what goes through the mind of an IT administrator who is responsible for helping a hospital and medical school get a handle on device and application growth and usage:

  • Is a guest or patient downloading movies using Bit-Torrent –in other words, stealing valuable airtime away from my mission-critical applications?
  • My network supports a mixed use of guests, employees and vendors/doctors. Without prioritizing applications on the network, employees risk losing productivity and response time to patients, insurance providers, labs. Can I prioritize business-class applications such as Cisco Webex/Jabber and de-prioritize the applications such as Netflix?
  • Who are my top 10 users and the top 10 upstream and downstream applications? Can I save a detailed report of all application flows in my network for compliance purposes?
  • The number of devices, number of users is exploding, and use of video is growing 50% year over year. Should I add more access points in my auditorium or conference room areas? Or should I upgrade to 802.11ac for more capacity?

Enter Cisco Application Visibility Control(AVC) integrated into wireless infrastructure. ”    Read More »

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