Big Data Opportunities for SMBs

Big Data isn’t just for large companies anymore. If your customers are recording data, they’re likely looking for ways to analyze it and then use those insights to capitalize on the information. Ingram Micro speaks Big Data and SMB–we’re here to help you take the conversation from idea to implementation, and introduce you to new revenue opportunities.

Insights Illustrated

Today, business success is about solving customer problems by finding a use case, asking the right questions and applying them to the client’s business. “Recently, there was a Big Data story about an East Coast bakery. Through analysis of their data and weather reports they found that when it rains, customers preferred to buy cakes. When it’s sunny, their customers bought more sandwiches,” says Tommy Mac, Ingram Micro field technical consultant, Advanced Computing Division. “This anecdote demonstrates how small businesses can capitalize on their data and potentially reduce operational costs through the use of Big Data.”

Opening the Door to Sales

The idea of Big Data may seem intimidating, but if your customers are looking for ways to better understand the data they’ve captured, Ingram Micro can help lead the way. “As soon as our SMB partners identify a need for Big Data, we can help push the door open and have meaningful conversations with the end customer about high-performance computing and Big Data,” says Rick Young, Ingram Micro senior channel account executive. “We can then formulate the appropriate hardware pieces for that particular project in mind. Ingram Micro has the technical engineers and resources to bring to bear.”

Recurring Services Opportunities

Opportunity doesn’t end at the sale. “Big Data’s a new revenue stream for SMBs, says Rick. “Once the solution is dropped off at the end-customer’s site, SMB partners have the opportunity to come in and conduct final deployment, including integration and deployment. The services they render are new revenue streams.”

Next Steps

To learn more about how you can leverage Ingram Micro and Big Data with your customers, call Rick Young, Ingram Micro senior channel account executive, at (847) 809-6876.

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