Introducing the AMD Opteron 6200 Series Processors (Interlagos)


Depending on the workload, expect up to 35% more processing throughput, 160% more cores and 73% more memory throughput because of several innovations, including a 16-core processor, boost capability up to 1GHz above base frequency, the means to operate (2) 128-bit floating point operations independently or combine them to run (1) 256-bit operation, and the ability to run add and multiple functions in the same clock cycle.

In terms of efficiency, you can get as little as 5.3W/core with 16 active cores and the processor power at idle has been reduced by up to 46% when compared to its predecessor, the AMD Opteron 6100 Series.  These fantastic efficiency benefits are a result of two innovations.

The modular architecture allows the processor to share resources for parts of the CPU that are generally low utilization and over provisioned, allowing for lower power consumption and lower prices.  For those areas that could potentially be a bottleneck, like the integer schedulers and pipeline, there are dedicated resources to help ensure maximum throughput.

By making the processor smarter, AMD has been able to improve power efficiency.  The new processors based on the “Bulldozer” architecture all support the 1.25 ultra low voltage memory.

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