Learn More About the Quantum DXi V1000

The Quantum DXi V1000 is a virtual appliance that combines the power of deduplication functionality with the simplicity and flexibility of virtual machines. It works with any backup software with a usable capacity of 2TB to protect physical and or virtual data, just like a physical deduplication appliance. For DR protection, it can replicate to any other DXi appliance, DXi V1000 included, or to a cloud protection service.

Quantum is offering a free 30-day Trial License of the DXi V1000 Deduplication Virtual Appliance software. License includes 256GB of deduplicated storage.


For more information, contact your Ingram Micro representatives:

  • Adam Helterbran, adam.helterbran@quantum or 949-725-2009
  • Melinda Schmidt, ACD-Quantum@ingrammicro.com or 800-456-8000 x67170

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