Social Media Policies and Why You Should Have One

This week we’re discussing corporate social media policies. What are they?

Basically, a company’s social media policy is a set of guidelines about how employees should conduct themselves when talking about your business online. A lot of larger companies have them in place, but they’re equally important for smaller businesses. After all, online discussion can help shape someone’s view of your brand.

So what should you do in your social media policy?

  •  Define what’s expected
    • This should include points such as:
      • Disclose that you work for the company you’re writing about (be honest.)
      • Uphold the company values and conduct yourself appropriately (no cyber-bullying, be respectful, etc.)
      • Be clear that your opinions are just that– your opinions, and not an official company stance.
  • Lay out what’s off-limits
    • This should include proprietary information such as hard numbers, internal dealings, customers’ personal information, etc.
    • Certain promotions would also fall under the “off-limits” category.
  • Be clear about the consequences for breaking the policy
  • Run it past your legal team
    • This is particularly important. Make sure everything in your policy is on the legal up-and-up.

Need some examples? Check out these corporate social media policies:



Best Buy




Inside Counsel

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