De-Stress At Work

Between the holidays and wrapping up your work year, late December can bring a lot of stress. So to help you unwind a little, we’ve compiled a list of stress-relief tips for work, to help you chill out.

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Take Five

Step away from the phone and put down the paperwork. Give yourself five minutes of “me” time; meditate, take deep breaths, listen to some music. Whatever keeps you calm.

Get Moving

Take a walk around the building. Stretch out a little. Go get some water or coffee. Just get up and get moving; it will help increase circulation and get your brain ready to work again.

Make it Your Space

Bring things into your work space that make you happy. Love the beach? Put up some photos of one you’d like to visit. Surround yourself with your favorite colors and photos of family and friends. Make your work space somewhere you enjoy spending time.

Find Your Motivation

Create a mental finish line for yourself, a way to reward yourself when your work is completed. Saving up for a big vacation? Put a photo up of wherever you’re going. Or you can create smaller goals and rewards for yourself; for example, “When  I finish this report, I’ll reward myself with a dinner out this weekend.”

Rock Out

Many people find they work better and more efficiently if they listen to music. Try it out; bring in your MP3 player and turn on some classical music, rock, or whatever gets you “in the zone.”

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