5 Tips for Hiring Employees

As your small business grows, you’ll eventually need some more manpower to meet your increased business needs. Hiring a new employee can be a daunting task, but there are 5 things to keep in mind that will help make the process smoother:

Be clear about what you need.

Hiring a new sales manager? Receptionist? Whatever the position is, write out a clearly-defined job description that lays out the responsibilities your new hire will take on. Take the time to think out what qualifications your new hire will need; be realistic, but don’t settle. Lastly, research what type of salary professionals pull in for a similar role in your area.

Utilize recruitment tools.

Yes, it’s imp0rtant to post the opening on your company’s website and any social media outlets you use. But what if your ideal candidate doesn’t happen to check those outlets? Take advantage of job posting websites like CareerBuilder and Monster, and consider listing the job with your local newspaper. Many universities also offer job fairs or career websites for current students and recent graduates; for entry-level positions, this may prove to be a good option.

Interview smart.

Avoid cliché questions. Everyone who has been on a job interview before has been asked what their biggest weakness is. Asking this question won’t give you any insight into the candidate; they’ll most likely have an answer prepared. Instead, ask them to tell you about a time they dealt with a difficult customer, or what their biggest professional challenge has been. You’ll learn a lot about their character by what story they choose to share.

You also may want to have a candidate meet with multiple managers, if applicable to your company. This will give you more viewpoints to consider, and let you see how the applicant fits in with the rest of the office atmosphere.

Lastly, follow up on references; they’re there for a reason.

Put it in writing.

Once you’ve decided on your ideal new hire, put all of the job specifics in writing before making an offer– salary, benefits, vacation time, etc. This prevents misunderstandings later.

Do your paperwork.

New hires come with a fair amount of paperwork for both parties, and the forms often vary by state. If you need help with this process, we recommend checking out SBA.gov for help. They’ll be able to direct you to specific forms you’ll need to keep your business on the level.





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