Let’s Talk Social Media

For those of you who would like to use social media to grow your business, it’s important to note that, just as with other marketing activities, it’s important to have a predetermined goal and strategy. Without them, it’s nearly impossible to make social media work for you. If you’re ready to take the leap into social media– or are involved already but not seeing results– we suggest you use the following checklist. It was created by the professionals at Taylor & Pond Corporate Communications, LLC, and can help you give your social media marketing direction.


Social Media Worksheet—Checklist

In order for anyone to be successful in social media there needs to be buy-in from the top and a definition of what constitutes success. Go through these and then define your approach. These goals then need to support the corporate objectives. Start with your corporate vision.

Top two corporate objectives:

Top two marketing objectives:

How would you define marketing success?

How can these transfer now to social media success and support the objectives and definitions:

Target audience:

Unique Selling Proposition:

What is the tone and message you currently convey and what would you like to convey?

Who are the top thought leaders and experts in your field (include competitors, organizations/associations, individuals, media, etc…). Cozy up!

Subject matter and keyword phrasing (quality vs. quantity). Think Google on this—if you were to use key phrases and be considered the authority on “CNC machining” “IT placements” etc… what would you use? Targets:

Who in your organization can contribute—defining roles is critical. Be sure in your information outpour that you add in any speaking events, tradeshows:

Hands on (voice of your organization):

Blog or content generations:

Supplemental materials (marketing):

Integrated Measurement Includes (And they are free!):

  1. Your website statistics: Use Smarter Stats (or similar). Free one-site corporate license
  2. Google Analytics: Set up through a Google Account
  3. Facebook: Use the “Insights” tool
  4. Hootsuite or similar: Great reporting on Twitter and for a small fee you can integrate to Google and Facebook.

Most importantly, how will you define success?

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